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Welcome to
Few words of Importance before availing our services.
This website is started to benefit or help those living in different parts of the world having devotion or allegiance to a particular Mandir or a Gurudwara but due to their inability to reach the desired shrine they cannot offer their Ardas.

This website is started by Respected Shri Rajiv Kumar Chugh who is a very well settled businessmen in IT industry serving who's who of Indian Corporate World and serving 10,000 business houses in India. Shri Rajiv Kr Chugh is a very religious and an Honest Person. He is blessed by God and is an inspiration to those around him and his acquaintances.

 All those who come in his contact always vouch for his good human values, his pleasing personality and humble nature that no matter one is rich or poor every one gets along with him as a close associate.

His benign presence is always a treasure to many who wish to learn from him and take his blessings. He is not a self proclaimed Guru or a Saint or a Preacher but those who know him can always vouch that he will be relentlessly teaching everyone to be honest and never tell lie for anything. At times he terms himself to be Chronically Honest and wish if all around him can take pledge that they will do one good deed a day and be honest in their life.

This website will not only help you to offer Ardas to your desired Shrine but also benefit you as every Ardas one makes will be sourced through Respected Shri Rajiv Kr. Chugh whose magical touch brings luck and fortune to others. In today's world when everyone wants to get the best it is always a need that some Great Soul bless them for their well being and attainment of wishes.

One can always say that his blessings has that charisma that those blessed by him gets their desired fulfilled and prosperity becomes their way of life. To know more about Shri Rajiv Kumar Chugh & his background please click here.

Let us give you the brief of this website & what actually is this all about ?
The word "Ardās" is derived from Persian word 'Arazdashat', meaning a request, supplication, prayer, petition or an address to a superior authority.
Every Hindu/Punjabi family performs it as a ritual after any sort of religious ceremony which happens at home or a Temple or a Gurdwara. It symbolizes as a prayer done by a person to the almighty Lord with full conviction that his prayers maybe heard and they shall be answered by the God.

The basic purpose of this prayer is to make an appeal or a plea to the Almighty God by an individual to protect him from all the miseries and take care of him and his family members. It is also considered as a plea for the welfare and prosperity of all mankind, and a means for the Hindus particularly Punjabi's to thank God for all that He has done. As the name suggests, is a website made for those who wish to make such prayers to the God and at those religious places like Mandir's or Gurudawara in which they have faith or have a strong conviction that if a prayer is made at that particular Mandir or a Gurdwara it will be rightly heard by the God and that their pleas will be fulfilled by the almighty God. This website is fro those living in different part of the world and have faith in particular Mandir or a Gurdwara but because of their physical inaccessibility they cannot reach that Mandir or Gurdwara but wish if someway an Ardas can be made on their behalf.

What is the Idea behind making this website ?
Practically speaking it is a normal way of life among Hindu's/ Sikhs that if someone is going to read more...
Is it a Social Organization ?
We are not a NGO.
Who are we by Religion & What made us start this website ?
To talk about our sect and beliefs, we are Punjabi by religion with great religious bend of mind. read more...
How can one believe that whatever is written here it true & a proper Ardas will be done for those who avail the services offered vide this website?
We request you to leave all your skepticism and have faith in services offered vide this website. read more...
Mandir's in Delhi
Akshardham Temple Chhatarpur Temple Birla Temple
ISKCON Temple Lotus Temple Kali bari mandir
Hanuman Mandir Kalkaji Temple Jhandewalan Mandir
Shirdi Sai Temple Shanidham Mandir Kilkari Bhairav Mandir
Gurdwara's in Delhi
Shri Bangla Sahib
Shri Sis Ganj
Majnu Ka Tila
Shri Nanak Piao
Rakab Ganj
Dam Dama Sahib
Gurdwara Baba Banda
Singh Bahadur Sahib
Motibagh Sahib
Mata Sundri
Mandir's in Jammu
Mata Vaishno Devi
Gurdwara's in Punjab
Golden Temple Amritsar